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Dirty Pretty Things – Puffing On A Coffin Nail: Live At The Forum (2006)

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Puffing On a Coffin Nail (Live at the Forum) is a DVD released in October 2006[1], produced by Gerry Gallacher and Ian Brenchley. (Note the spelling is “Puffing” rather than “Puffin'” as in the B-side song title.)

It was released in two formats; one being a limited edition run of 5000 numbered copies. The main section is made up of recordings of Dirty Pretty Things’ three night residency at the Kentish Town Forum, London between May 22nd – 24th 2006.

The second part, entitled “Go Anywhere”, consists of different versions of the track listing recorded at various venues around the world, including the band’s first show in Rome in October 2005[2].

The “extras” section has a documentary of the Forum shows plus footage of the Camden Crawl show from April 2006, the making of the Bang Bang You’re Dead, Deadwood and Wondering videos and rehearsal room footage.


01. Deadwood (Live) [*]
02. Doctors & Dealers (Live) [*]
03. If you Love A Woman (Live) [*]
04. Wondering (Live) [*]
05. The Gentry Cove (Live) [*]
06. Blood Thirsty Bastards (Live) [*]
07. You Fucking Love It (Live) [*]
08. Gin & Milk (Live) [*]
09. The Enemy (Live) [*]
10. Last Of The Small Town Playboys (Live) [*]
11. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Live) [*]
12. B.U.R.M.A. (Live) [*]
13. Deadwood (Live) [**]
14. Deadwood (Live) [**]
15. Doctors & Dealers (Live) [**]
16. If You Love A Woman (Live) [**]
17. Wondering (Live) [**]
18. The Gentry Cove (Live) [**]
19. Blood Thirsty Bastards (Live) [**]
20. You Fucking Love It (Live) [**]
21. You Fucking Love It (Live) [**]
22. Gin & Milk (Live) [**]
23. Gin & Milk (Live) [**]
24. The Enemy (Live) [**]
25. The Enemy (Live) [**]
26. Last Of The Small Town Playboys (Live) [**]
27. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Live) [**]
28. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Live) [**]
29. B.U.R.M.A. (Live) [**]

[*] Live At The Forum
[**] Bonus Tracks


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The Libertines – Rhythm Factory, 15 May 2009

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Primera reunion de estos genios,luego de una larga separacion,fue muy reconfortableverlos de nuevo juntos ,lo malo es que no participo el bajista de the libertines ,sino drew el de babyshambles

1.-Can’t Stand Me Now Live @ Rhythm Factory, 15.05.09[.mp4]
2.-What A Waster Live @ Rhythm Factory, 15.05.09[.mp4]
3.-Time For Heroes Live @ Rhythm Factory, 15.05.09[.mp4]
4.-Up The Bracket Live @ Rhythm Factory, 15.05.09[.mp4]
5.-What Katy Did Live @ Rhythm Factory, 15.05.09[.mp4]

Dirty Pretty Things – Napster Sessions

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Download Dirty Pretty Things – Napster Sessions 2009


No difundan mucho este link de descarga por favor
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Dirty Pretty Things (DVD) Kasbah, Coventry, England, 22nd May 2008

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Dirty Pretty Things
22nd May 2008

Download DVD (torrent)

Watch Video Online(1:15:00 – 1 hora y 15 min)

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Dirty Pretty Things -Reading Festival 2006 (92.48 MB) .flv

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30 min
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Pete Doherty & Carl Barât -Live at Hackney Empire (12.04.2007)

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Pete Doherty & Carl Barât -Live at Hackney Empire (12.04.2007)
Esto no lo van a encontrar en ningun blog es fantastico ,al menos para mi, hay mas temas nuevos de pete que los tocaron el 12 de abril pasado
An Evening With Pete Doherty & Carl Barât + Guests
April 12th, 2007, Hackney Empire, London, England

01. Serves You Right To Suffer (nuevo)
02. Hired Gun (nuevo)
03. Getting By & Getting High (nuevo)
04. Sylvia (nuevo)
05. What Katie Did Next
06. East Of Eden (nuevo)
07. Lost My Phone In Paradise / THE LOST ART OF MURDER
08. It Don’t Bother Me (nuevo)
09. Blackwaterside (nuevo)
10. Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (nuevo)
11. I Got A Woman (nuevo)
12. Carnival (nuevo)
13. Needle Of Death (nuevo)
14. Killamangiro
15. I Love You (But You’re Green)
16. Pipey Magraw
17. Beg, Steal & Borrow
18. Arcady (nuevo)
19. Smashing
20. Back From The Dead
21. Cyclops
22. Salome (nuevo)
23. What A Waster
24. Death On The Stairs (
25. The Good Old Days
26. What Katie Did
27. Dilly Boys
28. Seven Deadly Sins
29. France
30. Tell The King
31. Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
32. Dream A Little Dream (nuevo)
33. Time For Heroes
34. Albion
35. The Delaney

es para no creer tantos temas nuevos nunca los habia escuchado pero estan muy buenos
al parecer babyshambles tiene algo de 30 o 35 demos ,si 30 demos o 35 demos para este tercer disco (sin contar los de su album solitario,que ya viene)sin nombre aun, bueno el disco de the vines (4º)no me sorprendio mucho pero este de babyshambles va a estar de la patada a esperar y a seguir buscando temas