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New songs – Babyshambles

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(Hës A Rocker)

Nuevos temas, todos buenos ,buena señal,disco estupendo(TERCERO),como siempre pete doherty dejando claro que nada va a pararlo es una maquina
Ahora lo dificil va a ser poner las canciones porque estos patitas tienen un montonal de temas sin publicar aun

1.-1939 Returning (Acoustic 6Music Session)
2.-352 Days (Acoustic)
3.-Arcady (Live)
4.- At The Flophouse
5.-Babyshambles (Single Version)
6.-I Wanna Break Your Heart (Live With Dot)
7.-Last Christmas (Acoustic)
8.-Ocean (Live At Brixton Mass)
9.-Palace Of Bone (Live)
10.-Pranging Out (Pete Doherty Vocal Version)
11.-Pretty Sue (Live)

12.-Raise The Kaboose (Live)
13.-Sheepskin Tearaway
14.-Stone Me What A Life (Live)
15.-Terrible Pain (Demo)

16.-Dirty Fame
17.- Bespoken
18.-Do You Know Me (Zane Lowe Session)

19.-East Of Eden
20.-The Paddingtons ft Pete Doherty – Fifty to a Pound (live in Paris 07.06.05)
21.-Pete Doherty – When I Get Low, I Get High (Acoustic Snippet from WTF Documentary)
22.-Encore Break
23.- Banter
24.-Lady Don’t Fall Backwards
25.-Never Never
26.-Get Thee To a Nunnery
28.-Unknown 1
29.- Unknown 2

(click en el nombre de la sesion para descargar)
1.-The Freewheelin Pete Doherty


3.-Only Peons Make Excuses


5.-Liverpool Sessions (for Untitled Album)

6.-Conversations in Eden

7.-Flophouse Shambles 1

8.-Flophouse Shambles 2

9.-Laptop Recordings

10.-Assorted Recordings

11.-The Laptop Laughs

12.-Stookie + Jim – Bumfest Demo’s (Pete and Mik)
14.-HQ Bethnal Green Demo Session
15.-HQ Sessions Second Wave
16.-Shaking and Withdrawn Mix
17.-Whitechapel Demonstrations
18.-XFM Session
19.-Diamond Liner Sessions (Peter Perrett)
20.-New HQ Second Wave Sessions
21.-Assorted Recordings – SHAMBLES1
22.-HQ Whitechapel Demonstrations
23.-Royalty Songs (Down in Albion Demos)
24.-Rory McConnell Radio Session 05.10.06
25.-Drew McConnell – Songs from MySpace


Radio 1 Interview 17.08.06
Rolling Stone Interview 15.11.07
Max Carlish – Megamix
Peter Doherty – Suicide in the Trenches (EXCELENTE)
Peter Doherty – XFM Phone Call Competition
Poem – Bowhemia (by Pete Doherty) (ESTE TEMA EN VERDAD ME SORPRENDIO MUCHO)
Firecamp ft Pete Doherty – Boy
Pete Doherty – Live in Graz 04.06 (fm4)
BBC Radio Derry Electric Mainline Interview (May 06)
Pete Doherty & Carl Barat – Janie Jones (Strummerville clip)
Pete Doherty – Radio 1 Interview 07.11.06
Pete Doherty – Interview – Killamangiro (Glastonbury 2005)
Pete Doherty – Rolling Stone Interview 15.11.07 – Part 3
Pete Doherty – Rolling Stone Interview 15.11.07 – Part 2
Pete Doherty – Rolling Stone Interview 15.11.07 – Part 1
Pete Dohery – BBC Radio Four Interview 06.10.07
Pete interviews Paul McCartney – Observer Music Monthly (14.10.07)
Pete Doherty ft Kate Moss – KP Nuts General Santana – The General’s Rap (About Pete)
Rhythm Factory Acoustic 13.07.04
Rocket Science Segment on BBC 6 – 09.04.05
Pete and Dot Allison – Live in Preston
New Acoustic Songs (July 2006)
Pete Doherty ft General Santana – Pentonville Rough
Music When the Lights Go Out (live at Newsnight 12-12-04)
Fuck Forever (Acoustic) There Is a Light – 32nd of December
Breathe (Blu Cantrell Cover)
Shooting Stars – Guns of Brixton
Pete ft Rabbi & Wolfman – Teenage Kicks (5.11.03)
Elton John ft Pete Doherty – Children of the Revolution (Live8 London 07.02.05) (hasta la caca)
Pete Doherty – Cyclops (Acoustic from Stalking Pete Doherty)
Pete & Mik – The Band Who Came to Play (Acoustic 06.05.06)
Beg, Steal or Borrow (Acoustic – Live on Jonathan Ross 07.07.06)


Live with Zane Lowe 27.10.04 Total hits: 3040
Live in Sheffield (25-09-05) Total hits: 1734
Live at Rock en Seine (27-06-05) Total hits: 1959
Carling Live24 Total hits: 1827
Live in Graz 14.01.06 Total hits: 1079
Paris Rehearsals 27.06.06 Total hits: 2385
Hultsfredsfestivalen Sweden 16.06.06 Total hits: 332
Get Loaded 27.08.06 Total hits: 116
BBC 6 Music 06.10.07 Total hits: 130
Peter & Adam – Zane Lowe 16.10.07 Total hits: 281
Babyshambles – White Riot Hits: 1235 Downloads: 180
32nd of December Hits: 413 Downloads: 46
Jeane Hits: 832 Downloads: 154
The Sweet By and By – Songs They Never Play Hits: 906 Downloads: 181
Killamangiro (Live with Tim Lovejoy 11.10.04) Hits: 339 Downloads: 39
Babyshambles – Beg, Steal and Borrow (Acoustic) Hits: 1240 Downloads: 356
Babyshambles – It’s a Sedative (Live in Cologne 13.05.06)
Pete Doherty – Interview (about The Clash) Hits: 786 Downloads: 179
Drew McConell – Interview on Tim Lovejoy Hits: 571 Downloads: 104
Drew McConnell & Luca Cazal – Terrapin Hits: 339 Downloads: 104
General Santana – Correction Hits: 367 Downloads: 84
Pete Doherty – You Talk Utah Hits: 670 Downloads: 284
Babyshambles – Gang of Gin – Radio 1 First Play Hits: 1966 Downloads: 800
Live in Graz Coverage Total hits: 2563
Statik – Grindie Mixtape Total hits: 3768
Babyshambles – Fuck Forever (Produced by Nellee Hooper) Hits: 2510 Downloads: 690
Babyshambles – Merry Go Round Hits: 1233 Downloads: 374
Babyshambles – 32nd of December (Acoustic) Hits: 1353 Downloads: 496
Babyshambles – 32nd of December (Instrumental) Hits: 691 Downloads: 251
Babyshambles – Gang of Gin (Early Version) Hits: 2993 Downloads: 1251
Babyshambles – Killamangiro (Discarded from Single Sessions) Hits: 958 Downloads: 387
Babyshambles – Killamangiro (Early Version) Hits: 822 Downloads: 333
Babyshambles – Killamangiro (Monitor Mix) Hits: 620 Downloads: 266
Babyshambles – Killamangiro (Vocal Comp) Hits: 724 Downloads: 292
Dirty Fame (The Big Issue Free Song) Hits: 2681 Downloads: 1336
The Lost Art Of Murder [Shotter’s Nation Advance] Hits: 6085 Downloads: 1211
OTRAS grabaciones casi caseras:
Sweet By and By Total hits: 9018
Early Versions Total hits: 5551
Early Recordings Total hits: 6458

En enlace directo :

The Libertines – Baby Shambles Sessions
Click Here
The Libertines – Chicken Shack Sessions
Click Here
The Libertines – Legs 11
Click Here
The Libertines – The Sailor Sessions
Click Here
The Libertines – The French Sessions
Click Here
The Libertines – Breck Road Lover
Click Here
The Libertines – You’re My Waterloo
Click Here
The Libertines – Rough Enough Stuff
Click Here
Baby shambles – HQ Sessions Second Wave
Click Here
Baby shambles – Whitechapel Demonstrations
Click Here
Peter Doherty – Shaking And Withdrawn Megamix
Click Here
Peter Doherty – Laptop Recordings
Click Here
Peter Doherty – Untitled Album
Click Here
Peter Doherty – Flophouse Rambles
Click Here
Pete Doherty & General Santana – Pentonville Rough
Click Here
The Libertines – Live At The Kentish Town Forum
Click Here
The Libertines – Live At The Duke Of Clarence
Click Here
Who The F**k Is Pete Doherty (Small)
Click Here
Baby shambles – Glastonbury 2005
Click Here

y falta un millon mas casi el cuadruple


Pete Doherty & Carl Barât -Live at Hackney Empire (12.04.2007)

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Pete Doherty & Carl Barât -Live at Hackney Empire (12.04.2007)
Esto no lo van a encontrar en ningun blog es fantastico ,al menos para mi, hay mas temas nuevos de pete que los tocaron el 12 de abril pasado
An Evening With Pete Doherty & Carl Barât + Guests
April 12th, 2007, Hackney Empire, London, England

01. Serves You Right To Suffer (nuevo)
02. Hired Gun (nuevo)
03. Getting By & Getting High (nuevo)
04. Sylvia (nuevo)
05. What Katie Did Next
06. East Of Eden (nuevo)
07. Lost My Phone In Paradise / THE LOST ART OF MURDER
08. It Don’t Bother Me (nuevo)
09. Blackwaterside (nuevo)
10. Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (nuevo)
11. I Got A Woman (nuevo)
12. Carnival (nuevo)
13. Needle Of Death (nuevo)
14. Killamangiro
15. I Love You (But You’re Green)
16. Pipey Magraw
17. Beg, Steal & Borrow
18. Arcady (nuevo)
19. Smashing
20. Back From The Dead
21. Cyclops
22. Salome (nuevo)
23. What A Waster
24. Death On The Stairs (
25. The Good Old Days
26. What Katie Did
27. Dilly Boys
28. Seven Deadly Sins
29. France
30. Tell The King
31. Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
32. Dream A Little Dream (nuevo)
33. Time For Heroes
34. Albion
35. The Delaney

es para no creer tantos temas nuevos nunca los habia escuchado pero estan muy buenos
al parecer babyshambles tiene algo de 30 o 35 demos ,si 30 demos o 35 demos para este tercer disco (sin contar los de su album solitario,que ya viene)sin nombre aun, bueno el disco de the vines (4º)no me sorprendio mucho pero este de babyshambles va a estar de la patada a esperar y a seguir buscando temas

tercer disco – babyshambles (gigwise)

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uno de los idolos de este tiempo se da tambien un tiempo para entrar a youtube y subir videos para sus fans como yo bueno escuche que uno de los temas del nuevo
album era maybelline y lo encontre aca esta

este lo subio a youtube con un video en el que su novia lo asesina (es la trama)
y hay 1 tema mas si lo quieren escuchar vayan a este canal que es el cana youtube de pete tambien esta el encuentro amoroso de pete y amy winehouse en donde estan jugando con ratas bebes luego amy le manda un mensaje a su esposo diciendole que no se divorcie de el entonces pete agarra otra rata y dice “si ,divorciate” amy grita “noo” bueno el nombre del tercer album pero lei en una fuente de no mucha confianza que se llamara gigwise
link 1 canal youtube pete doherty

demos pete doherty album solitario

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ya lo dijimos antes pete doherty ha publicado nuevos demos en su pagina de youtube
que es

canal youtube pete doherty

en total son 9 nuevo videos con nuevas canciones de pete
solo entren a el link anterior

The Vines – Outtathaway! (Japan EP)

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en la discografia de the vines que puse esta entrada no estaba disponible pero ya la subi de nuevo

1.-The Vines – Outtathaway
2.-The Vines – Down at the Club
3.-The Vines – Get Free [Live at Reading Festival]
4.-The Vines – Ms. Jackson
5.-The Vines – Country Yard [Live at Glastonbury]

download- bajar

discografia – the libertines demos- babyshambles demos

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Babyshambles-the blinding ep

babyshambles SIN duda algo demasiadochevere
click para bajar

“The Blinding” – 2:59
“Love You But You’re Green” – 4:35
“I Wish” – 2:47

“Beg, Steal or Borrow” – 3:07
“Sedative” – 4:04

The libertines-Babyshambles sessions(1
click en la imagen para bajar

Disc 1
01. Babyshambles (Version 1).
02. Road To Ruin .
03. Babyshambles (Version 2) .
04. Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (Version 1) .
05. What Katie Did .
06. Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (Version 2) .
07. Last Post On The Bugle .
08. Untitled
09. Back From The Dead
10. The Man Who Would Be King
11. I Got Sweets (Instrumental)
12. All At Sea (Version 1)
13. All At Sea (Version 2)
14. Do You Know Me? (I Don’t Think So)
15. Campaign Of Hate
16. Pipey Magraw
17. In Love With A Feeling (Version 1)
18. Untitled (Instrumental)
19. In Love With A Feeling (Version 2)
20. I Love You (But You’re Green)
21. Marry Go Round (That Bowery Song)

Disc 2 .
01. Albion (Version 1)
02. Albion Intro (Instrumental)
03. Albion (Version 2)
04. France (Version 1)
05. France (Version 2)
06. France (Version 3)
07. The Good Old Days
08. Skag & Bone Man
09. Untitled 1
10. Untitled 2
11. Untitled (Instrumental)
12. What A Waster [1]
13. Who’s Got The Crack? [2]
14. Lots And Lots Of Songs (Session Medley) [3]
15. Lots Of Songs (Session Medley) [4]
[1] what a waster – Adam Green
[2] The Moldy Peaches cover
[3] Incluye: “What A Waster”, “The Ha Ha Wall”, “I Love You (But You’re Green)”, “Calling All” [The La’s], “Son Of A Gun” [The La’s], “The Guns Of Brixton” [The Clash], “Don’t Be Shy”, “Time For Heroes”, “Albion”, “The Blinding”, “Deep Pile Dreams”[Ian Brown], “Rubber Ring”[The Smiths], “Well I Wonder” [The Smiths], “The Delaney”, “Everyday Is Like Sunday” [Morrissey], “Timeless Melody” [The La’s], “Huckleberry Grove” [Ocean Colour Scene], “Road To Ruin” y “Back From The Dead”
[4] Incluye: “Back From The Dead”, “Jeane”, “From Bollywood To Battersea”, “Dilly Boys” y “Black Boy Lane”
Disc 3 .
01. Playing With The Piano
02. I Got Sweets
03. Play The Coral (Medley) [1]
04. Killamangiro
“Dreaming Of You” [The Coral]
“New Love Grows On Trees”
“I Remember When” [The Coral] y “Killamangiro”
estas canciones fueron grabadas en el 2003 por the libertines (imaginense 2003) y contiene canciones que ahora pete doherty las toca .
Baby shambles – HQ Sessions S
econd Wave(104 mb)

Down in albion- babyshambles (
click en la imagen para

1 La Belle Et La Bete v1 5:04 .
2 La Belle et la Bête v2 5:05 .
3 Fuck Forever.

. 4 A’Rebours .
5 The 32nd Of December .
6 Pipedown .
7 Sticks and Stones .
8 Sticks & Stones .
9 Killamangiro .
10 8 Dead Boys .
11 In Love With A Feeling .
12 Pentonville .
13 What Katy Did Next .
14 Albion .
15 Back From the Dead .
16 Loyalty Song .
17 Up the Morning .
18 Merry Go Round .
Babyshambles .
“Shotter’s Nation” [2007] .

click en la imagen para bajar.

01. Carry On Up The Morning .
02. Delivery .
03. You Talk .
04. Unbilo Titled .
05. Side Of The Road .
06. Crumb Begging Baghead .
07. Unstookie Titled.
08. French Dog Blues .
09. There She Goes .
10. Baddie’s Boogie .
11. Deft Left Hand.
12. Lost Art Of Murder .