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Ok Go – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky

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01. WTF?
02. This Too Shall Pass
03. All Is Not Lost
04. Needing/Getting
05. Skyscrapers
06. White Knuckles
07. I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe
08. End Love
09. Before The Earth Was Round
10. Last Leaf
11. Back from Kathmandu
12. While You Were Asleep
13. In The Glass
Bonus Track:
14.-Lousiana Land (Download)

Estos señores nunca perderan su esencia,disco muy bueno

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WTF?:Una de las pocas canciones en la que Damian Kulash usa su ya conocido falsette(todos los temas en donde usa esto,me parecen espectaculares,generan un ambiente exquisito ,muy distintivo de ok go,tambien lo usa en “oh lately it’s so quiet”de el album “oh no”)
,la linea de bateria suena magnifica,y es al parecer compleja pero no lo es tanto,es bajo va muy fuerte,eso le da mucha potencia a la cancion,en general creo que es el 2° mejor tema de el disco

Skyscrapers:El mejor tema de el disco a mi parecer,la entrada de el bajo me parecio semejante a el tema “hey” de the pixies(en serio creo que es muy parecida a el tema de pixies),tienen estructuras similares,la cancion se conduce con el bajo,mientras Damian canta en ciertas partes, luego entra esa guitarra suave,se nota tambien la otra guitarra improvisando de fondo mientras el bajo conduce la cancion(igual que “hey”),la linea de bateria es igual,e incluso hay 8 segundos de diferencia en las duraciones

En general el disco suena muy bien,suena como prince,the strokes,the rapture,pixies,queen,louis xiv,no se van a decepcionar

Extras To Download:

1.-OK_Go_-_WTF_-_Official_Music_Video_( HD 720 p ).mp4

2.-OK_Go_acoustic_This_Too_Shall_Pass (HD 720 p).mp4


Dirty Pretty Things – Puffing On A Coffin Nail: Live At The Forum (2006)

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Puffing On a Coffin Nail (Live at the Forum) is a DVD released in October 2006[1], produced by Gerry Gallacher and Ian Brenchley. (Note the spelling is “Puffing” rather than “Puffin'” as in the B-side song title.)

It was released in two formats; one being a limited edition run of 5000 numbered copies. The main section is made up of recordings of Dirty Pretty Things’ three night residency at the Kentish Town Forum, London between May 22nd – 24th 2006.

The second part, entitled “Go Anywhere”, consists of different versions of the track listing recorded at various venues around the world, including the band’s first show in Rome in October 2005[2].

The “extras” section has a documentary of the Forum shows plus footage of the Camden Crawl show from April 2006, the making of the Bang Bang You’re Dead, Deadwood and Wondering videos and rehearsal room footage.


01. Deadwood (Live) [*]
02. Doctors & Dealers (Live) [*]
03. If you Love A Woman (Live) [*]
04. Wondering (Live) [*]
05. The Gentry Cove (Live) [*]
06. Blood Thirsty Bastards (Live) [*]
07. You Fucking Love It (Live) [*]
08. Gin & Milk (Live) [*]
09. The Enemy (Live) [*]
10. Last Of The Small Town Playboys (Live) [*]
11. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Live) [*]
12. B.U.R.M.A. (Live) [*]
13. Deadwood (Live) [**]
14. Deadwood (Live) [**]
15. Doctors & Dealers (Live) [**]
16. If You Love A Woman (Live) [**]
17. Wondering (Live) [**]
18. The Gentry Cove (Live) [**]
19. Blood Thirsty Bastards (Live) [**]
20. You Fucking Love It (Live) [**]
21. You Fucking Love It (Live) [**]
22. Gin & Milk (Live) [**]
23. Gin & Milk (Live) [**]
24. The Enemy (Live) [**]
25. The Enemy (Live) [**]
26. Last Of The Small Town Playboys (Live) [**]
27. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Live) [**]
28. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Live) [**]
29. B.U.R.M.A. (Live) [**]

[*] Live At The Forum
[**] Bonus Tracks


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NME-23 Jan 2010

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NME – 16 January 2010

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Them Crooked Vultures – Fox Theater Oakland, CA [11.19.09]

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01 – Nobody Loves Me & Neither Do I
02 – Dead End Friends
03 – Scumbag Blues
04 – Elephants
05 – Highway One
06 – New Fang
07 – Gunman
08 – Bandoliers
09 – Mind Eraser, No Chaser
10 – Caligulove
11 – Interlude With Ludes
12 – Spinning In Daffodils
13 – Stage Banter
14 – Reptiles
15 – Warsaw Or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up


The Vines MTV Germany Interview

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Una de las mas divertidas entrevistas a craig,esto fue durante los verdaderos dias de the vines cuando todo era hermoso,craig es el que llevamos en la mente que vuelva a ser.


Muse – Undisclosed Desires (.mkv)

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