The Vines Live at The Annandale, Oz (descarga directa video)

The Vines Live at The Annandale, Oz (descarga directa video)

Annandale Hotel, 5 September 2006
Michael Hartt

The Vines have always been one of those bands that never seemed to quite live up to their potential. The hints of excellence were always there, especially on record, but their live shows were always plagued by inconsistency, mainly due to Craig Nicholls’ erratic behaviour. When things finally imploded for The Vines at this very venue in May 2004, it was a relief when it was announced that they would not continue touring, especially as it was obvious Nicholls was not in any fit state to hit the road for a prolonged period of time like they had done in support of their first album.

Fast-forward to 2006 and The Vines make their return with album number three, Vision Valley. Following their surprise “comeback” sets here at the Annandale and at Splendour in the Grass in July, this was the first time The Vines have played an official show in Australia since that fateful night in 2004. The air of anticipation was heavy by the time The Vines hit the stage, looking somewhat nervous but excited to be there. They immediately launched into Highly Evolved, the song that started it all for the band in 2002. Gone is the bad-singing, equipment-trashing Craig Nicholls – in his place is a Craig Nicholls who channels everything into putting on a great show, who is playful, who engages with the audience between songs and whose singing is as good as any of his recordings. Vision Valley’s songs feature heavily, with the rest of the set filled with fine moments from the first two albums, along with their cover of Outkast’s Ms Jackson. The slower, softer songs like Winning Days, Spaceship and Autumn Shade are the real standouts, along with the rarely played 1969. The good vibe of the show is reflected in the five-song encore; it’s almost as if they’re having such a great time they don’t want to stop. This show is, essentially, The Vines living up to what people expected of them as a live band from the start. It is a genuine surprise to see them back and a whole lot better than before. If things keep going as well as this show, The Vines could be one of the great comeback stories in Australian music.

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