Live at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK (descarga directa video)

Live at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK (descarga directa video)
Details: DTI Exclusive video. August 2006

The Vines / The View @ Rescue Rooms 24/08/06
Abigail Outhwaite

A return to form and the birth of the “next big thing?” Abigail gives the low down on two bands in the spotlight.

An enthusiastic crowd seems to have taken over the Rescue Rooms’ infamously non-plussed clientele. It could be because the students have gone home, but it’s probably more to do with tonight’s line-up.

Post-grunge, garage rock heroes The Vines have recovered and returned from a recovery-led hiatus, while self-proclaimed teenage upstarts The View are sprawling through the charts amidst a swarm of hype.

Before they emerged from beneath their tousled, bushy mops, fresh faced and spurting tongue-in-cheek gibberish; before they took to the stage and effortlessly shrugged off any age-inspired preconceptions; and long before they lazily drawled and dittied their way into my esteem, I didn’t much care for The View.

The myths and mutterings buzzing around their homegrown roots seemed to be like that of yet another Libertines fan band.

While at least partially so inspired, and although their blend of Buzzcocks-inspired punk and 60s harmony is not desperately revolutionary, I’d say your Nan will probably know them in six months.

The Vines have ran head-first into hell, set it on fire and managed to achieve iconic world status on their way out.

Before us tonight stands Craig Nicholls, The Vines’ Asperger’s-suffering front man; his iconic, tousled, post-grunge bob has been replaced with sleek, shoulder-length locks. His smile is humble. The songs are more balanced: thoughtful, soul-searching jingles water down the frantic, jittering paranoia of Don’t Listen to the Radio. And there’s even a Radiohead-esq. Soliloquy- a far cry from the manic grit of ‘Outtathaway!’ and ‘Get Free’.

Reassuringly, although Craig’s performance is less distracted by sprawling, sugar-rushing stage destruction, it doesn’t detract from the energy of even their most frantic numbers.

Beneath this newfound sanity their talent is audible- as is the reasoning behind Craig’s frontmanship. As he dawdles and bounces boyishly about the stage, his enthralled, slightly dreamy expression gives way to the distorted radio in his head.

Craig Nicholls once described coming offstage as like stepping out of a spaceship, but if tonight’s performance is anything to go by, they won’t be touching down for long.

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  1. muchas gracias por los aportes, supongo q seran la ostia =D


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